Boo! It's the new Sex and Monsters website!

October 31, 2017

Boo!  It's the new Sex and Monsters website!

Greetings creepsters, and welcome to the new Sex and Monsters website!  We figured that the Eve of All Hallows would be a pretty decent day to climb out of our crypts for a relaunch.  So grab your trick-or-treat bags and check out all the goodies we have cooked up for you!  

Of course, you won't want to miss the return of everyone's favorite auburn-haired alchemist, Hazel O'Dare, in Angelica Blevin's The Will of Magic (just one of the many free webcomics we feature on the site).  We plan to update The Will of Magic every Monday, so don't be a stranger and come back to see us often!

We've also got lots of other projects stewing in our cauldron for you, so keep your creeper peepers peeled over the next few weeks and months! 

Until next time, have a Happy Halloween!