Return to Grim County!

December 04, 2018

Return to Grim County!

The acclaimed horror comic anthology and soundtrack album - Tales from Grim County - is back from the grave!  

Upon its initial release in 2016, Rue Morgue Magazine wrote:

There's no mistaking the sunburned phantom of classic surf rock that haunts the fuzzed-out, reverb-heavy music of the Grim County Coroners.  But Grim County is a far cry from the bright California beach towns where artists such as Dick Dale pioneered the sounds that would lay the groundwork for heavy metal. 

It's a place where monsters lurk in strip-club basements, cursed tapes line the porn shelves at the local video store, and hard-partying greasers OD on the snorted ashes of murdered vampires.

This is a limited re-release, so be sure to snag your copy before it's gone again!