Tales from Grim County

The acclaimed horror comic anthology and soundtrack album - Tales from Grim County - is back from the grave!  

Upon its initial release in 2016, Rue Morgue Magazine wrote:

There's no mistaking the sunburned phantom of classic surf rock that haunts the fuzzed-out, reverb-heavy music of the Grim County Coroners.  But Grim County is a far cry from the bright California beach towns where artists such as Dick Dale pioneered the sounds that would lay the groundwork for heavy metal. 

It's a place where monsters lurk in strip-club basements, cursed tapes line the porn shelves at the local video store, and hard-partying greasers OD on the snorted ashes of murdered vampires.

This re-release of Tales from Grim County will shake your auditory senses and rattle your bones with stories by Dom Kreep and Will Penny, and art by Mike Hoffman, Nik Poliwko, Robert Nixon, Sam McKenzie, and Mike Vosburg! 

• Softcover

• 8.5 x 11 inches

• 40 pages

• Digital download to 11-track album (preview here)


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