Hordentown - Book One

The infamous Manducat Filii -- the Child Eater -- has haunted the good townsfolk of Hordentown for generations.  According to legend, the supernatural beast was finally destroyed in the late 1800s after going on a terrible murder spree.  However, exactly 100 years later, the children of Hordentown have started dying again.  It’s now up to Cornelius Knocks, his two best friends, and his wily but half-blind uncle, to uncover the truth of the Manducat Filii and end the terror that has gripped Hordentown once and for all.

Hordentown is written by Erick Freitas (Judge Dredd, Godzilla in Hell), with art by Jelena Đorđević (The Pros, Amazing Forest).

• Book One (of Four)

• 6.75 x 10.25 inches

• 24 pages

• Digital PDF

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