Tiki Surf Witches: The Movie

During a recent surf safari to the South Pacific, we uncovered the remains of what appeared to be a long-dead Hollywood film crew! Scattered around their decomposed skeletons were old film reels, production art, and sound equipment. While most of this material was damaged beyond repair, we salvaged what we could and were SHOCKED to discover that the crew had been working on an adaptation of Tiki Surf Witches Want Blood!

Apparently the film had such a low budget, producers were forced to cast actual, real-life SURF WITCHES in the movie! This certainly wasn’t the brightest idea, as evidenced by the words on the back of a weathered production still: “BEWARE THE THIRST OF DIABLO!” We high-tailed it home, and have been hard at work restoring some of this material, including this "official" one-of-a-kind movie poster.

 Choose between two sizes - including classic movie poster size 24 x 36 inches 

 Based on a design concept by Steven Rhodes

• Ready to frame and hang in your home tiki bar

Artists: Jelena ĐorđevićWill Penny, Robert Nixon, and Shadia Elise Ghantous

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